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GG's Pizzeria

Try Our Delicious Pizzas!

GG's Pizzeria wasn't rated Monroe's BEST PIZZA for no reason! Whether it's a classic Pepperoni or a "Rancher" your taste buds are gonna be more than grateful you stopped by.

New York City

Meet the Chef

Hector is from the Big Apple🍎 that's right, New York City baby! Why is that important to you? Because, it means HE KNOWS PIZZA!! He moved to Monroe recently and loves it here. And if there's anything he knows, it's pizza!

Other Goodies

So... what if you don't want pizza? Well lucky for you there's tons more!! Try our delicious handmade sandwiches or our chicken Alfredo pasta! And don't even get me started on the donuts and pastries!🍩Basically if your stomach is giving you signs that you're hungry, run over to GG's!! Or grab that phone in your pocket or on the table and call! Yep, you can call that number right there at the bottom of the page and have whatever you're craving ready and waiting for you when you get here.

Fried Donuts
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